You could only remember how you had embarrassing acne when you were in junior high. Well, good for you that acne was just history. Though you have outgrown acne, other people are actually puzzled as to why after high school graduation acne still have not bid them goodbye. What is actually worse is that experts have found out that acne in adults are more stubborn and harder to treat. Worse than that is severe acne can result to ugly scars that could be, god forbid, permanent. Click here to know more.

No matter though, because teenagers and adults alike do not need to worry because skin experts say that for every patient, there is always a therapy that will work for them. It has been, and is still an effort among skin doctors to continue finding better or new ways to treat acne.

If you suffer from acne, you should know your options. It is always better to lay cards down on the table for you to decide what could be the treatments best for you. You yourself could have personal considerations or preferences. Maybe you prefer a more natural kind of treatment and is hesitant about chemical or mechanical approaches to cure acne. Maybe the treatment suited for you takes too long that you don’t have the luxury with time. Maybe you want to be pregnant. This is why discussion with your dermatologist is really important.

Acne medications vary. For mild to moderate acne, over-the-counter treatments could get rid of blackheads and whiteheads easily. Even occasional bumps can be dried out by over-the-counter treatments as long as they contain the right active ingredients. An acne medication that requires much care because of the contraindications should be prescribed by a skin doctor. Examples are antibiotics because of possible side effects. Oral hormonal treatments are normally prescribed too. Like birth control pills and androgen blockers. There is just a bag full of tricks ready for you. All ages, skin types of severity of acne, no matter what, there are options that will make you happy. No more embarrassing meetings, no more date cancellations – just a beautiful smile on a beautiful acne-free face.